Novel drive trains for performance bicycles

Our  IMPACT drivetrain  increases the speed/power ratio of cyclists by up to 4 %. In conventional drivetrains applied torque is much greater during the down stroke than in the dead spot of the pedal revolution. With our crankset the variation is significantly reduced. This is achieved by fiber composite leaf springs inside each hollow crank arm. They allow the cyclist to maintain cadence using a chainring with one or more extra teeth without spending more energy. The end result is up to 4 % more effective power when it is most needed:  Going  uphill, sprinting or accelerating. We have developed aluminum proof of concept crank sets with external springs for scientific testing, seen in action here:

Our carbon lightweight versions with internal springs are based on the same principle of limited spring action and are  targeted for commercialization. 

Unique power meter

The IMPACT drive train has an integrated power meter based on the unique operation of the crankset. Strain gauges are not needed. Instead we use cost-effective, accurate and fast sensors measuring left and right torque independently at sampling rates up to 1500 Hz. Torque profile, power and much more can be displayed in real time on  GPS cycling computers or smart phones using  ANT+ or Bluetooth  wireless protocols.

Patented, proven technology

Our proprietary technology is protected by several issued and pending patents, including US Patents  9,403,576 and 9,809,275   Performance improvement of the drive train has been scientifically tested and confirmed at Eastern Michigan University by an  academic team led by professor McGregor, an expert in power measurements and their interpretation. The Aluminum proof of concept crank set is shown during testing at the University on: