February 2018

Eastern Michigan  University completes testing of Huron Cycling proof of concept drivetrain. Results demonstrating improved cycling efficiency will be published and presented at conferences during 2018 and 2019

March 2018

Huron Cycling will introduce its novel IMPACT drivetrain with improved cycling efficiency during a tour of potential partners in Europe and North America during the summer of 2018

April 2018

Huron Cycling nears completion of the carbon, lightweight version of its IMPACT drivetrain for performance bicycles. Limited sales of beta products are planned for the end of  2018. Starting in 2019 Huron Cycling is planning to engage with a partner to commercialize and set up volume production of the IMPACT Drivetrain. 

October 2018

Huron Cycling issues a White paper with results on the testing of their lightweight IMPACT drivetrain. More than 4 % improvement in cycling efficiency is measured for a range of power and cadence levels.

June 2019

The paper by Eastern Michigan University entitled: "Novel Crank with Elastomer Spring Improves Effective Power in Trained Cyclists and Triathletes" is published in the Journal: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. It shows test results of the improved cycling efficiency in an earlier prototype of Huron Cycling's IMPACT crank set.

August 2019

Huron Cycling issues a White paper on  measurements with their unique power meter using  inexpensive rotary sensors rather than strain gauges